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[S1E3] Dinner Party !FULL!

The episode is set in a future where a "grain" technology records people's audiovisual senses, allowing a person to re-watch their memories. The lawyer Liam (Toby Kebbell) attends a dinner party with his wife Ffion (Jodie Whittaker), becoming suspicious after seeing her zealously interact with a friend of hers, Jonas (Tom Cullen). This leads him to scrutinise his memories and Ffion's claims about the nature of her relationship with Jonas. The episode was designed to be set in 2050, with stone, wood and metal materials featuring heavily in the sets. The concept of an episode about relationships and the importance of letting things go was pitched by Armstrong.

[S1E3] Dinner Party

Liam invites Jonas to his and Ffion's house, but then exaggeratedly remembers how late it is and Jonas leaves. Ffion invites the babysitter Gina (Mona Goodwin), who was looking after their daughter Jody, to sleep upstairs. Liam asks Ffion about Jonas, and she identifies him as a brief paramour from Marrakesh. She says they dated for a month, but Liam shows a memory of her saying that she dated "Mr. Marrakesh" for a week. The discussion becomes heated, Ffion referencing Liam's former obsession over another man Dan, and Liam calling Ffion a bitch. They reconcile and have sex while watching memories of their past sexual encounters. Afterwards, Liam goes downstairs and drinks copiously while watching re-dos of the dinner party.

Mary delivers an envelope full of photos taken by someone following and spying on Danny. Mary identifies the private investigator by a single name, Walker. Davos stumbles upon the photos during the dinner party. Davos alerts Joy that Danny has the photos that they paid Walker to take and that they need to visit Walker.

Phoebe invites her crush over for a dinner party at her house. Phoebe wants to let Cole's family, let her hang out with Cole. Everyone except for Max dresses up fancy to be like Cole's family. The dinner party get's a little into a disaster.

Cole comes over and makes Phoebe all nervous and go full motormouth. He asks Phoebe to go out with him for a frozen yogurt. He also tells Phoebe that his parents have this weird tradition where they have to meet all of his friend's parents. Phoebe, still nervous, accidentally arranges for a dinner with Cole's parents. When Phoebe gets more nervous, Cherry pulls her away. She pulls Max away from Tara too, telling the Thunder Twins that they will thank her later.

Back home, Phoebe excitedly tells her parents, Billy and Nora about how a boy asked her out. Hank says she's too young to be dating but Barb is excited that her daughter is dating. Phoebe reveals that she's invited Cole's parents for dinner tomorrow. Both Max and Hank rise against her because she would be breaking the no-supes-allowed-in-the-house rule and it would risk exposing their powers. Max says he doesn't want the rule to be lifted because then Phoebe would start bringing over her giggle buddies into the house. Max tells Phoebe that he doesn't want to bring his friends over either because then he won't have a chance to use his powers on Phoebe. Phoebe cries to Barb who then convinces Hank to let her have Cole's parents over.

Cherry stops Phoebe on the hallway for an emergency meeting after finding out online that Cole's parents are actually very rich. She tells Phoebe she should be very nervous because if the Thundermans don't impress the Campbell's then Cole won't be allowed to date Phoebe. Phoebe leaves early for home to prepare her parents to be fancy. She finds her parents embarrassing and explains to them that they need to impress Cole's parents. Meanwhile, Max and Dr. Colosso develop a plan to sabotage the dinner party so that Hank would keep the no-supes in the house rule. Colosso says that he is very proud of Max embracing being evil.

Dinner time arrives. Billy and Nora dress up as a butler and a chef respectively. Barb and Hank dress up in fancy clothes and put on fake accents to impress the Campbell. The Thunder Monitor announces that non-supes are approaching. Phoebe opens the door and Cole introduces his parents, Fiona and Gerald Campbell. Barb acts all fancy but then accidentally gets her tiara stuck on Fiona's hair. Way to make a first impression. Phoebe gets worried that this is going to be bad but Max is happy because he has plans to sabotage the party. To everyones's surprise, Cole's parents introduce Cole's older sister... Tara Campbell, Max's dark empress of the night. Max is shocked.

Max asks Tara what she would think if someone sabotaged the dinner. Tara says she would hangout with him but her parents won't let her... so it would be the dumbest thing anyone could ever do. Now Max must find a way to save the dinner! He pulls Phoebe aside and explains his evil plan to sabotage the dinner. First, he stops the beekeeper from releasing bees into the Thundermans house. Gerald Campbell asks Hank if the Thundermans are related to the Thunderman superhero but his wife says he's just joking. Hank looks nothing like Thunderman. When Billy and Nora come announce that dinner will be served in five minutes, the Campbells ask if the Thundermans have their children as their chefs but Barb and Hank claim that Billy and Nora are their "tiny servants." The Campbells are impressed and plan to get their own tiny servants.

Cole tells Phoebe that he didn't know her parents were this fancy. Neither did Phoebe. They start talking about embarrassing parents but Cole believes that the parents will let them hangout unless something goes horribly wrong. Just then, Max pulls Phoebe away and tells her that the dinner is about to go horribly wrong. The Thunder Twins agree to stop Max's plans. The next one is to stop Billy and Nora from serving the ice tea. Unfortunately, it's too late to stop them. After the parents drink the ice tea, they all start burping out loudly and embarrassingly.

Phoebe then comes out clean and explains that she asked the family to pretend they were fancy to impress the Campbells. They forgive her and agree to sit down and finish the dinner. But, they make it clear that Cole will not be allowed to hangout with that girl (Phoebe) because the Thundermans are a bunch of classless hooligans. Hank gets angry at the Campbells but Max calms him down. Max and Phoebe plan to get rid of the Campbells by unleashing their final prank - Nora's casserole - which has been set to explode. Max pulls Tara away from the dish and then asks the guests to go first. Cole's dad complains about self service and then puts his fork on the casserole - it explodes all over them. The Campbells leave the Thundermans house in disgust. Phoebe apologizes to Cole but Cole promises that he's going to continue seeing her regardless of what the parents think.

Hank then lifts the no-non-supes-in-the-house rule because even though the dinner was terrible, none of the kids used their superpowers in front of the guests. Max refuses to let the rule be lifted because it is worthless if he can't see his dark empress again. Right about then, Tara opens the door and asks Max to call her sometimes. Max happily changes his argument and supports lifting the rule.

While Lulu, Kate, and Anthony have a hetero love triangle, Sam is having a homo one with Fred. Someone who brings a new boyfriend over for dinner, the seemingly lovely Will. Of which, Sam is jealous almost immediately. If only because he has this idea in his head that he made Fred. As in, he made this Fred that Will likes I think.

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Mike then goes to both Harvey and Rachel to try and ask for their advice, but both provide him no help. Harvey, however, tells him to take the dinner seriously and believe that things like that matter if he wants to get ahead in the business. Mike realizes that he needs to get a better idea about what it means to be a lawyer and how to build up a strong work ethic.

When Devon and another co-worker makes fun of Mike about his plans for his rookie dinner, Mike intimidates them away but is obviously affected and even more frustrated by the predicament. Rachel sees this and feels sorry for Mike, so she arranges for dinner with him at a fancy restaurant. To not embarrass him further in front of the other associates, Rachel gives Mike a note and pretends that it is from Louis.

Later that night, Mike and Rachel bond over dinner at the restaurant Rachel wants Mike conduct taste tests in to host his rookie dinner. They realize how different the worlds they came from were: Mike from a simple family with not much as he was growing up, and Rachel from a wealthy one. Rachel tells him that he should try more new experiences because it helps get his mind off work. Jenny then calls, but not wanting to ruin the night, he rejects the call.

After Mike's good job on the case, Harvey was about to commend Mike when he apparently "ruined it" by commending himself. Mike's rookie dinner is then a success, and Harvey pays for his bill. Devon, who was previously making fun of Mike, commends him for the dinner, and Louis tells Mike to pay his bill, which would be quite high because Louis bought very expensive wines. Harvey then gives Jessica the good news, telling her that he did it for the firm, and he drives off in his Tesla with the saleswoman.

Remember the shovel tool shown in the first episode? Well, it's back and not for the best reasons. The Nazis in 'Mythic Quest' are using the shovel to build swastikas into the ground. Players are worried about this rise of Nazism in the game. The developers are baffled about the new dilemma, and the whole episode focuses on how they decide to sort it out. While the previous episode had a subplot, this one just showed how the team tried to solve the Nazi problem. Brad Bakshi (Danny Pudi) dupes David Brittlesby (David Hornby) into setting up an ethics committee, in the hope that David gets distracted and forgets about banning the Nazis. Meanwhile, Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao) decides that she will have a 'dinner party' on the game, where everyone will come together and bash Fascism. Her idea doesn't go as well as she plans, and Poppy takes to bed, glum. However, Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) gives her a sharp boost of confidence and a feel-good pep talk, and Poppy's back on her feet again. This was the slightly ingratiating part of the episode. Poppy is efficient and hardworking. Does she really need the validation of a male boss, who has proved himself to be quite the narcissistic mansplainer? 041b061a72


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